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We live in sad times. 

The year 2021 and we are stuck in a world where unicorn cakes and Pinterest fails run rampant. 

Elegance has taken the main stage, when we all know sometimes you just want to send licorice flavored cookies that say passive aggressive things to your ex, and we are here for that.


That is how Sugar Anarchy was born.

Are you having a baby and need an aggressive way to keep your toxic family from ever wanting another gender reveal cake? 

We will happily fill it with penis sprinkles and put rainbows on the inside.

Need to really hammer in your pronouns to someone? Let us write them on a dozen cupcakes.  

The sky's the limit here at Sugar Anarchy, and we are happy to provide you with delicious, high quality treats at whatever level of offensive and petty you might need. 

Of course, we don't only do petty and offensive things. We also love providing niche and specialty baked goods for events that might not be as easy to find your dream caterer for.

Satanic March? Hail!

Seance? We can bring an edible spirit board.

Having a nerdy wedding? Let us make you a fandom cake.

Gay pride festival? We're there. 

Tattoo convention? Pin up contest? Biker rally? Rock concert? Kink meetup?

Yeah, we've got you covered.

Let us work with you to provide catering for any event to be exactly what you might need, because here we are anything but average.