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Sugar Anarchy Catering was born out of a need for something to represent the people who struggle to find their niche.

We believe in being unapologetically ourselves in everything that we do, and we support people like ourselves that value that freedom.

We have been known to cater events like pro-life rallies, Satanist barbeques, tattoo conventions, pride events, Comic-cons, kink meet-ups, and so many more fun amazing events that we absolutely love being a part of.

We want to help people express who they really are, and for that we've become locally very well known for some of our more "radical" practices like filling gender revel cakes with sex organ sprinkles instead of pink or blue ones, sending pronoun cookies to reluctant or stubborn family members, and our anti-valentines day cookies with offensive quotes. 

Let us help you make your wildest culinary dreams come true. 

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