Looking to add a little smile to the family? Well I can tell you exactly what you should be expecting with these wonderful fertility cookies. If anyone is going to preach to you about using cooking and kitchen witchery it should be me (this is how I ended up with three babies). This tasty carrot cake cookie is completely full of fertility promoting ingredients that will have you ready to be expecting a lot more than more cookies.


Ingredients placed with purpose:

Cardamom: To bring love into your body

Carrots: To promote fertility and lust

Cinnamon: For success and protection

Clove: To allow love into your home

Ginger: To protect against heartbreak

Nutmeg: For health

Walnuts: For fertility and luck


*These cookies are made in a kitchen where there may be cross contamination with products including nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten and soy.* 


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