Sometimes, we could all use jus a little stroke of good luck. Whether it be an extra push to help with an exam or a job interview, or just needing to have a good day after a string of unfortunatley unlucky ones, we've got you covered. Our lucky spell cookies are made with ingredients that are designed to not only be delicious, but also to bring you the best luck possible. 


These adorable star shaped cookies are an orange zest and anise shortbread, just enough for a pop of flavor without having a cookie that tastes like licorice. The orange is paired beautifully with a combination of spices designed to bring out the natural brightness of the oils and contrast perfectly with the white and dark chocolate drizzle on the outside. 

Ingredients placed with purpose:

Orange- Lifts your spirit, and helps put you into a mindset to recieve luck.

Anise-  Shaped like a star (like the cookie itself) is said to bring luck. 

Ginger- Brings success.

Cinnamon- Protects and brings success in everything put before you.

Cloves -Protection in all endevors. 

Chocolate- Promotes happiness, self worth and friendship. 




*These cookies are made in a kitchen where there may be cross contamination with products including nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat, glutan and soy.* 


Spell Cookies-Luck