Using an item for shielding has been a protection tactic that’s been in use for centuries, eating that item and imagining it being able to protect every part of your body that it’s touching and nourishing simply adds to the power. This delightful and powerful linzer cookie will help protect you from whatever the universe might be throwing your way. 


The shortbread is sweet and buttery, with a citrus finish and fresh raspberries mixed into the dough for a tart kick. Filled with homemade raspberry jelly and finished off with a spritz of orange and a sprinkle of powdered sugar, this might be the tastiest protection you’ve ever seen. 


Ingredients placed with purpose: 

Raspberry:To protect against mental anguish

Cinnamon: For protection

Cloves: For protection against negative spirits

Flax: For protection against psychic attacks

Lemon: For purification

Orange: For luck

Rosemary: For protection against those who wish harm

Salt: For protection


*These cookies are made in a kitchen where there may be cross contamination with products including nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten and soy.*

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