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Intention cookies and Moon Boxes

Many people believe that intention can create reality, and here at Sugar Anarchy, we believe that the mind is a powerful tool. This is why we created our very special line of intention cookies as well as our full moon and new moon subscription boxes. 

Our intention cookies are all created in a space where the metaphysical properties of edible ingredients, as well as the intention, is baked into the cookie. Everything from self love, emotional healing, fertility, and so many more are available to help you on a delicious and self inspired journey.

Our moon boxes are a little more intense, we set you up the best we can to set your intentions based around the power of the full and new moons. Each box comes with limited edition cookies that are created specifically for that moon cycle as well as a series of goodies to aid in your intention creating process.

decorated sugar cookies

We love custom work, and we love being able to provide custom work that you can't find anywhere else.

Our decorated sugar cookies are available three ways. Either you can order custom cookies for a special occasion or event that are made exactly to your design standards, you can keep an eye on our website and facebook page for random monthly design drops and pre-orders, or you can find us at one of our vendor shows to buy singles. No matter how you get them, our sugar cookies are locally known for the fun, colorful (sometimes offensive) designs, and the amazing buttery taste. 

Drop Cookies

Classic Drop Cookies with some tasty twists are one of our favorite things to make, and one of our must haves when we are at vendor shows. These giant cookies wow a crowd and make amazing gifts for all kinds of occasions. we offer them in boxes and baskets for different celebrations and events. 

custom catering

don't forget, we aren't just about baked goods! we are a catering company after all. 

all good parties need an anarchist, so let us help you out with the food. We offer a plethora of options to make your next event absolutely awesome. From charcuterie, to custom smoked meats, and appetizer and dessert bars, we want to build something that will make your guests really feel wowed.

Hit us up on the contact page to start planning your next event with our culinary expertise.

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